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Properly Equipping Your Boat with a Water Filtration System

Marine Applications

When taking to the open waters in your boat or traveling with your recreational vehicle (RV), it is crucial that you have a way of purifying your water! Drinking untreated water is most unpleasant, but drinking contaminated water can be dangerous. To avoid any of the potential problems associated with untreated water your boat or RV should be equipped with a suitable water filtration system.

Boat Water Filters
Our flexible water filtration systems employ a reverse osmosis and/or ultraviolet light method to kill harmful bacteria in your water. Depending on your needs, each of our unique products can easily be stowed on your boat and require little maintenance. We offer portable water filtration systems and countertop/portable reverse osmosis purifiers. Instead of running the risk of depleting your water supply, our boat water filters will work to eliminate biological or chemical contaminants, sometimes found in unfamiliar waters, and provide you with quality water.

Boats Equipped with Portable Water Filtration Systems

Water Desalination
Desalination refers to the necessary processes that remove salt and minerals from water before it is safe to drink. Choose from one of our water desalination systems that employ a reverse osmosis technique to purify your water. Each of our water desalination systems have been designed for varying outputs of water and can accommodate the water found in open oceans anywhere! In addition, for your convenience several of our water desalination models are extremely compact and can be stored in small spaces.

Marina Water
The water in a marina may be contaminated due to the boats that make their home there. In any high traffic area on the water, the potential for polluted water is greatly increased. The water is these areas is most often contaminated by human waste and by chemicals used in boat maintenance. Drinking unfiltered water from a marina is particularly dangerous and can leave a person extremely ill. A portable water filtration system is useful even when your boat is docked in a marina. Before you drink any water that comes from an unfamiliar water source, be sure that it has been through a proper water filtration process.

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