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Water Treatment: Essential to the Agro and Farming Industry

Given the increased pressure and demands for globalization, the agriculture sector is now facing new challenges. Such challenges relate to the need for sustainable production methods and high quality products. The increasing interest in fresh fruits and vegetables, and the growing market for organic products create new expectations and concerns for both small and medium scale farmers. There is an urgent need for integrating water treatment systems as a major element in organic production. Since water can be a source of contamination of produce, the ability to ensure the cleanliness of the water is an essential factor in the food safety chain.

For farmers whose primary water source comes from a well, a variety of water filters and softeners may be needed for purification. Especially in organic and animal farming production, it is crucial that the water source be untainted.

Organic Farming
A change in consumer behavior has been taking place since the beginning of the 1990s. Consumers are increasingly demonstrating a high level of concern about food safety and the environment, especially in the light of recent problems like bacterial contamination, residues of pesticides and fertilizers, irradiation and genetic modification of food products.

Organic FarmingOrganic food has become a popular choice for health conscious individuals. In response to this demand, many farmers in the USA, Latin America, Canada and Europe are working toward meeting the regulations and becoming certified to sell organic products. Part of the major process to be certified involves meeting the requirements relative to the purification of water. The water used must meet the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) drinking standards; therefore agriculture water filters must often be used.

For most of the farmers their primary water source comes from a well. This means water which is often hard, high in minerals or contaminated. Herbicides and pesticides present will also need to be treated.

Our Well Water Treatment Systems

Herbicides and pesticides are two of the most commonly found contaminants in well water. These pollutants can be eliminated with one of our many commercial water filters. Using one of our well water treatment systems, a pesticide water treatment, or a nitrate, nitrite and arsenic water treatment can be applied to purify the water. We also offer a commercial UV system that kills bacteria, viruses, molds, algae and other microorganisms. To soften well water that is hard in calcium,magnesium and iron a commercial water softener should be used.

The Dangers in Animal Farming
A commercial water filter is particularly important in the raising of animals (chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, etc.) It is dangerous for animals to drink polluted water. There are great risks of bacteria infecting the water, causing animal sickness. It is crucial that a commercial water filter, softener and ultraviolet sterilizer be used.

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