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pH Neutralizing Filters

Whole House Filter The Niagara+™ Calcite pH Neutralizing Filter is used where low pH is a problem. It raises water pH which helps the oxygenation of iron. It is a must for water with a pH of 6.6 or lower in order for an iron filter to work properly. Calcite media is for applications that contain acidic water with pH level greater than 5.

All Calcite systems include the following: (unless otherwise stated)

- Specified resin tank size with 1" riser tube and top distributor basket
- Some models with Dome Hole and plug for easy Calcite replenishment
- Specified amount of Calcite resin
- Fleck 5600 or 2510 3/4" Timer Control Backwash valve
- Your choice of one of the following four connections: 3/4" or 1" Noryl Yoke, 3/4" or 1" Stainless Steel Bypass Valve.
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Fleck 5600 Specifications
Fleck 2510 Specifications
Download Calcite Media Specifications

Fleck 5600 Auto Backwash Calcite Filters
Fleck 2510 Auto Backwash Calcite Filters

Calcite pH Neutralizing Filter

Our neutralizer filters systems are equipped with high quality resin and they are installed in the main water line prior to the iron filter system. Installed according with the manufacturer's recommendation, the neutralizer system will stop the green/blue stains and reduce corrosion usually caused by acidic water.

Our pH Neutralizer Filter comes with calcite media and under-bedding gravel. The gravel is used as a support to keep smaller medias out of the distribution system and to stop channeling of water. Acidic water, on contact with calcite, slowly dissolve the calcium carbonate media. This process raises the pH which, in turn reduces the potential for leaching of copper pipes, lead and other metals typically found in plumbing systems. Periodic backwashing, standard on certain models, will prevent packing and maintain high service flow rates. Depending on pH level and flow rate, the Calcite bed will have to be periodically renewed as the original bed is dissolved. As calcium carbonate is dissolved in the water, hardness will increase. A water softener may be necessary after the neutralization process.

Our automatic backwash systems are equipped with the FleckŪ 5600 water conditioning control valve.

Valve Specifications
Valve Material Noryl®
Inlet/Outlet 3/4" NPT (Female)
Cycles* {enter info}
Flow rates (50 PSI Inlet) - Valve Alone
Continuous (15 PSI Drop) 20 gpm
Peak (25 PSI Drop) 26 gpm
CV** 5
Max.Backwash (25 PSI Drop) 7 gpm
Downflow/Upflow Both
Adjustable Time of regen and brine flow only.
Time Available 120 minutes
Meter Information
Meter Accuracy Range .25 - 15 gpm +/- 5%
Meter Capacity Range Standard: 125-2,125 gal.
Extended: 625-10,625 gal.
Distributor Pilot 13/16" or 1" (1.050) Pipe O.D.
Drain Line 1/2" NPT (Female)
Brine Line 3/8"
Mounting Base 2-1/2"-8 NPSM
Height from top of tank 7"
Tank Application - can regenerate/backwash the following

Water Softener

6"-12" diameter
Iron Filter
6"-10" diameter
Sediment Filter
6"-10" diameter
Carbon Filter
6"-10" diameter
Neutralizing Filter
6"-10" diameter
Additional Information
Electrical Rating 24v, 110v, 220v-5-Hz, 60Hz
Pressure Hydrostatic: 300 PSI
Working: 20 - 120 PSI
Temperature 34° - 110° F

**Cv-Flow rate of valve alone at 1 psi pressure drop

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