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Commercial / Industrial RO

Whole Home, Commercial and Industrial RO

As people become increasingly aware of the benefits of purified water, the demand for equipment capable of treating both municipal and well water supplies continues to grow. As a result, Whole House and Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems are becoming widely accepted. We carry a wide variety of RO systems, one of which will fit your application and your budget.

GRO Series 150 - 9,600 GPD

High Quality, Low Cost: GRO Series is designed to provide high-quality water for residential and commercial applications with a low cost.

ARO Series 3600 - 10,800 GPD

Conservative Design Approach: High quality systems built to meet your flow requirements on start-up and continue to meet that same requirement for years of service.

Titan Series 500 - 30,000 GPD

Fully equipped and customizable: Titan reverse osmosis systems feature an excellent pre-treatment design, high quality components, and high overall performance.

MS Series 4,000 - 110,000 GPD

Exceptional Performance, Superior Quality: MS Series is designed to provide high purity water under rigorous demands of continuous operation and harsh environments.

PRO Skid Series 5,200 - 7,800 GPD

Skid-mounted System: Ideal for water stores, includes pre and post filtration equipment in an attractive package.
Water Bottling Equipment

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

A typical Whole House Reverse Osmosis System includes the following main components:

  1. Reverse Osmosis Unit to produce the daily household requirements. For example, a 500 gallon-per-day system would produce purified water at the rate of about 20 gallons per hour. Since 20 gallons per hour is not enough to supply the demands of all normal household functions, a supplementary storage system is required so that ample water will be on hand when needed.

  2. Storage Tank. An atmospheric (non-pressurized) storage tank large enough to provide ample water for daily activities. The reverse osmosis unit refills the tank as water is taken from it. The water is stored at atmospheric pressure and must, therefore, be re-pressurized for use.

  3. Re-pressurization System. This system can consist simply of a pump that comes on automatically when water is needed and supplies pressurized water to the home. Ideally, however,it should include a smaller bladder or diaphragm tank that is filled to house pressure by a pump and gives a more even supply of water when the demand arises.

The following diagram illustrates the three main components of a whole house reverse osmosis system, as described above.

Water Purification Systems for Small to Medium-sized Water Store or Bottling Plant

Excel Water Technologies can provide packaged Reverse Osmosis systems with capacities ranging from 800 GPD to 12,000 GPD and up. These systems are ideal for small and medium-sized water stores or bottling operations.

Wherever good water purity is required, our systems will typically output water in the 2 to 10 PPM TDS range. This assumes an input water TDS under 1000 PPM.

In order to produce a product which meets the required water quality standards, commercial Reverse Osmosis systems must integrate various processing stages. The following chart describes these stages.

The equipment required for these various stages can be purchased "stand-alone", or separately, if needed. More usually, and more economically, we will supply an integrated, or "turnkey" system, in which the needed stages and equipment are pre-connected and tested.


Preconditioning Stage

The proper preconditioning of your water is critical to the smooth and safe operation of your business. Improperly treated input water can cause serious damage to the various components of your reverse osmosis system, and would surely compromise the quality of your product water.

A complete analysis of your incoming water supply is essential. This will determine what elements are present and what pre-treatment is necessary to remedy any problems.

A typical standard preconditioning package consists of:

  • Multi-media filter to remove sediment and particulate matter
  • Water softener to eliminate excess mineral content
  • Carbon filter to remove any organic chemicals (chlorine, pesticides, etc.)

These systems are available "stand-alone" or as part of a "turnkey" package.

In some cases, additional preconditioning may be needed. For example, the presence of bacteria or iron in the incoming water would require treatment with ultraviolet light and specialized iron filters, respectively.


Disinfection Stage

The disinfection stage is an essential component of any drinking water processing operation. Since the water exiting the reverse osmosis system will be stored in a closed tank, it is susceptible to stagnation and biological contamination.

To remedy this, some combination of Ultraviolet and/or Ozone disinfection is required. As in the preconditioning stage, this equipment can be purchased "stand-alone" if needed. However, some of the reverse osmosis systems we supply (see below) are optionally configurable with UV and Ozone modules.


Reverse Osmosis Stage

The main focus of our commercial reverse osmosis systems is the small to medium-sized water store or bottling operation.

The typical water store requirement will be in the 800-3000 gallon per day range. Bottling operations will generally require 1500-12,000 GPD capacity and higher.

Stand-alone Reverse Osmosis Systems
(no preconditioning or disinfection)

These systems are installed where the customer already has, or wishes to purchase separately, the pre-treatment and disinfection components.

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